Friday Favorites: 8 Teas for your Tastebuds

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As many of you know, I caught the plague right around New Year and have been struggling to climb out of my hole of cough drop wrappers and used tissues. Not a pretty sight, I promise you.

In the meantime, I’ve been drinking tea like a maniac (usually my hot drink choices vary between coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and chai). For our wedding last April, we received an awesome tea kettle that I use constantly! Ever since getting this thing, I haven’t been able to do the whole tea bag in the cup with water poured over it. The taste is so bland in comparison, and I like my tea to be full of flavor. Now, I can never go back.

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As a result of a fuller tasting cup of tea, I’ve become more picky about the tea I drink as well. Here are some of my personal favorites, a combination of loose leaf as well as in bags. Both can be made in my kettle, so it’s a perfect fit!


Stove-Safe Glass Kettle by Uniware
This, my lovely tea-drinking dears, is the tea kettle of all tea kettles. It’s dainty and sweet and perfect for a cup or two of tea. The glass is stove top safe, and the pour from the spout is so elegant! By far, my only choice in kettle.


Harney & Sons: Hot Cinnamon Sunset
This stuff is the bomb! This was my first taste of the Harney & Sons brand, and it’s so spicy! This tea reminds me of fall, but I drink it all year round. The “hot” really is there, leaving your tummy feel warm with a little cinnamon burn.


Harney & Sons: Blueberry Green Tea
If the Hot Cinnamon Sunset reminds me of fall, this Blueberry Green makes me feel like summer. The sweet taste of the blueberries makes me want to lay out in a meadow somewhere and take a nap in the sun.


Harney & Sons: Vanilla Comoro (Decaf)
The Vanilla Comoro is Harney & Sons’ decaffeinated version of their Vanilla Black Tea. I love this stuff because sometimes I really want a beautiful peaceful cup of tea with all the flavor and without all the caffeine.



Rishi Tea: Peach Blossom
This Peach Blossom tea is so perfectly sweet that I don’t add sugar to it. The loose leaf works great in my teapot and is my tea of choice for quiet afternoons when reading a good book. I found this almost on accident, and am so glad I did!


Zest Tea: Pomagranet Mojito
I love this tea. Ohmygosh. It has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee and is an AWESOME solution if you need the kick to wake up but hate the bitter taste of coffee in the morning. It’s got enough zing to get me up, and KEEP me up (which in and of itself is an astounding feat).


Pinky Up: Hibiscus Rosehip
This is another loose leaf, and caffeine free. Rosehip is a very common tea flavor in Bosnia and is often brewed from scratch (if only I had that kind of motivation and drive…) After getting back to the states, I tried finding a really nice rosehip tea, and this one does it! This tea makes me want to put on a hat and stroll through a rose garden I don’t have. Also the packaging is so cute!


Bigelow: Constant Comment (comes in both caf and decaf)
Honestly, not the prettiest packaging in the world, but this one is a classic. I remember my mom would stock up on this stuff whenever we moved overseas, and it was a big deal to be allowed a cup of this stuff. It’s so smooth, with hints of cloves and cinnamon. This tea comes in both caf and decaf, and is another great tea to drink before bed.


One that I haven’t tried yet that I’m dying to, is the Harney & Sons: Black Currant tea. I grew up with some weird flavors of tea, but black currant was my favorite. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m planning on getting some before my birthday. I promise to let you all know what I think.


So what’s YOUR tea of choice? Let me know, and maybe we’ll have an impromptu tea party together!



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