March Finds & Faves

It’s that time again! Just sharing some fun stuff I’ve found and favorited. Also, as I was making this list it occurred to me that I like to save things in my cart for months at a time. Some of these have been in my wishlist for over a year. Maybe it’s time to just take a leap….

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This gorgeous ring. I love the seaweed in the ocean ring. I’ve been absolutely obsessed with these for almost a year now and STILL haven’t gotten one yet.


It’s no surprise that I absolutely LOVE this shirt. I’ve been binging so much Doctor Who lately, and I love the steampunk design for this shirt.


Yes Yes YES! These are so cute! I feel like Miss Frizzle would wear these stockings while lost in space. Absolute perfection.


First of all, I need more yellow in my life. Second, I need these socks.



Sorry about the shmexy looking picture, you guys. But I got a pair of leather leggings last week and love them so much I had to share! Full outfit post coming next week (I promise).


Look! It’s a shark! A shark plate! With an open mouth for soy sauce! Or marinara! Or cheese! Or literally anything else you want to put on this plate!


I’m trying really hard to get better at accessorizing my outfits. One thing I would love to do is have cute/cool/unique purses like this to accent an outfit. This one is my favorite.

Well that’s all for this month’s Finds & Faves. Have a great weekend!


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