Miracle the Wonder Dog

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Summer is FINALLY dawning, and after the 7 month winter we had, I’m just glad things are turning warmer. Miracle seems to be enjoying the weather as well, since every time she’s outside, she’s rolling in the grass and snorting dandelion fluff. You’d never even know that she’s an old lady.

I feel like one of those annoying parents that are constantly showing off pictures of their children or grandchildren, saying things like “She’s so sweet isn’t she? Just the cutest little sweetie pie!” I’ve caught myself on multiple occasions showing off pictures of Miracle and beaming the whole time.

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One thing I hate about both Chesh and I working, is that we aren’t at home for the majority of the day, and I hate leaving Miracle at home alone. Our neighbor, Kim, is super great though, and her dog Uno and Miracle get along great. She comes over most days and lets Miracle out to play with Uno for the afternoon. Honestly I don’t know what we would do without Kim.

Every time I take photos of Miracle, there’s at least one with her eyes closed. I love the one below, she looks so happy and content in the grass with her tongue lolling out of her face. Her face is slowly turning white as she’s getting older and it makes me laugh at how blotchy she’s looking lately. Not a weird blotchy, but a cute elegant blotchy. Like a spotted cow. Gosh, I love her.

IMG_9213 edit
“Take it again, Ma. I think I blinked…”

IMG_9203 editIMG_9199 edit

Something Miracle does that makes me laugh is that even though she’s a Golden Retriever (emphasis on the retriever), she’s terrible at fetch. She’s great at chasing things, but terrible at bringing them back. What was supposed to be a game of fetch quickly turns into a game of keep-away, with me chasing her across the lawn, and her running circles around the car with her frisbee.

She’s such a goose, and I love her so much. I’m just glad she’s settled so well up in the Great White North, and that she has friends to play with. Now I just need to teach her how to bring BACK the frisbee after I throw it….


6 thoughts on “Miracle the Wonder Dog

  1. What a beautiful girl! I know what you mean about dogs not doing what they should. I have a lab, and she should love swimming, but she just likes to sit in the water and soak. Go figure!


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