What I Wore: Feeling Summery


 – Walmart
Cardigan – Target (similar via Amazon)
Shorts – Old Navy
Sunglasses – Hot Topic (similar here and here via Amazon)
Shoes – Thrifted (similar via Amazon)

This week hasn’t been great. I’ve felt stressed and tired and wishing I was something that I’m not. When I’m having a bad day/week/month, I tend to want to wallow in my bed for hours on end, pretending that the pillow has swallowed me up and I no longer exist. To counteract that, I dress up. I enjoy putting outfits together that feel fun and colorful, and this outfit has been sitting in my closet for an opportunity to show itself to the world.

Chesh and I were leaving work for the day, when I decided to grab a few shots of the look before going home and ultimately falling back into bed.

My favorite part about this outfit isn’t these gorgeous shoes I found for cheap at Goodwill, or these cute new tassel earrings I got on Shein for only $3. My favorite part about this outfit is that I feel good. I feel like me. That isn’t a fake smile or fake laughter in those photos. It’s real joy that I’ve learned to find in putting myself together and making an effort even when I would rather hide away. Sometimes, it’s the little boost I need to keep going when things get hard.

On that topic, I’m going to be taking a week (but maybe more) off from blogging. Some things happened that made me want to give up on blogging all together, and since blogging is my favorite hobby, I decided to take some time away and cut some things off my to-do list instead. Thank you everyone for all the support and for giving me the hugs that make my days better. Love you,


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