What I Wore: Rosie the Riveter


It’s two days late, but Happy Fourth! If you can’t tell by the photos, I DRESSED UP for Independence Day. I realize that the majority of my What I Wore posts are functional outfits with links to where you can purchase them. This is not one of those kinds of posts.

Sometime this past winter, Chesh and I were at the Goodwill and I came across this dress. I pulled it off the rack and checked the size. Cheshire suggested I try it on, so I did and twirled around the changing room for a while before deciding what the heck. This dress makes me look like a diner waitress from the 50’s and only later occurred to me how much I looked like Rosie the Riveter in it.


The dress is a beautiful dark royal blue that goes past my knees and buttons up the front. It had loops for a belt but no belt, so while I twirled in the dressing room, Chesh ran to find me a red belt. The shoes I already owned (another great Goodwill find) and the pearl earrings and necklace I’d already had in my jewelry collection for quite a while. The rest of the look was just a red bandanna, way too many bobby pins, and bright red lipstick.

I wore this ensemble for the 4th of July and got so many compliments in it. I was a little worried that I’d melt (considering it’s summer), but there was a nice breeze that kept me cool. On the way home, Chesh and I passed this gorgeous red barn and stopped to take some pictures. As you can see, they turned out really well.


We met up in the park later to watch fireworks over the lake, and caught some great photos of us in our red, white, and blue 50’s dresses. I even got a picture with Cheshire, which is a rarity. Don’t we look adorable!!



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