What’s In My Ipsy Glam Bag? (July)


Ah, dear summer! Filled with surf and sand and mermaid tails. To me, July smells of coconuts and salt, sunscreen and strawberry lemonade. This month’s Ipsy bag was absolutely the best. The bag is cute, the beauty products are perfect, the colors are exactly right.


The Bag

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! This is such a beautiful bag! The material is shimmery blue, and it changes color in the light. I love how much this bag matches the summery ocean vibe for July. It makes me think of mermaids and sparkling waves and pink insides of conch shells. Absolutely gorgeous.


SEBAMED, Liquid Face and Body Wash

This face and body wash is so smooth and nice. There isn’t a lot of nonsense with this stuff. There isn’t a lot of extra flair or floof. It doesn’t strip oils out making you feel dry and dehydrated. You can use it for your face or for the rest of you, although I’ll probably only use it on my face since it’s a small bottle.
Valued at $7.54


EYEKO, Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black

More eyeliner! So, at first I was a little bummed about the eyeliner, just because I have quite a few already. Then I tried it. This goes on WAAAAAAAAY smoother than the other liquid liners I have. It’s not waterproof, which a tad of a bummer, but it still stays on really well throughout the day…or at least until you decide to go in the sauna and lake. Overall, this is an amazing liner.
Valued at $22


CITY COLOR COSMETICS, City Chic Eyeshadow in Skinny Latte

This eyeshadow is the perfect shade for me. It’s light and shimmery with just a dash of pink. It looks great on my eyes and makes them look more green. When I wore this to work, I blended in a little dark bronze in the creases and it paired SO WELL. The powder also lifts really well onto a brush and is super easy to apply. Doesn’t shift around too much during the day either, so there is minimal creasing and minimal rub off.
Valued at $4


REALHER, Moisturizing Lipstick in Girl Power

So in the photos, this lipstick looks a little orange, but I promise it’s just the lighting. This lipstick is AMAZING. The best one I’ve gotten so far. It’s a very tiny tube, but the color is so nice, and works great with my skin. (Remember how last time I got an ORANGE lipstick with my LIME GREEN hair and it looked horrible? Not this time, baby!) This lipstick packs a punch, and stays all day.
Valued at $18


CALLYSSEE, Caffeine Rush Nourishing Facial Sheet Mask

You guys. These are coffee extract sheet masks infused with CAFFEINE. Talk about a wake up call! These are great in the morning, if you have a little time and can’t seem to wake up. Super great and refreshing (and smells amazing too!). It gave me a little bit of that “Get up, go running, bike to work, swim to Canada, I can do anything because of how awake I am” kind of vibe. Maybe not that crazy, but it definitely gives you a morning boost!
Valued at $9.50 per sheet mask

Here is a little recap on how I feel about this month’s bag: Every item in it is perfect for me. All the items I used on a single day for work, and they wore well during the day in a life of a camp marketer. My look survived the heat and the general wear and tear of someone who walks all over kingdom come, trying to get photos of tiny children building sandcastles, parents sailing, and laughing college students. Overall, this bag might be my absolute favorite bag.

As for the final full value of the July Ipsy bag, here we go! This bag has a value of about $70.54! WOW! I think this might also be the most expensive bag as of yet. So far the second highest was May’s bag atย $69.49. For only paying $10 for the subscription, you definitely get more for what you pay for!

Thinking about joining Ipsy? Useย this linkย to sign up today! Absolutely and totally worth it!ย Do you already have a subscription to Ipsy? Let me know what you got in YOUR July bag!

Interested in seeing more Ipsy reviews? Check out my bags for February, March, April, May, and June!


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