My 6 Favorite Earrings

So usually around this time I do a Finds & Faves where I share some of my favorite finds of the internet. It’s a collection of bits and bobs that I find crazy cool and cheap-ish prices (we all know how broke we are, and it’s no fun when people push expensive products. “$12.00 for shipping?? I guess I didn’t really need that shirt…”). Today I’m sharing 6 sets of earrings that are my absolute favorite, and for the most part, are incredibly low priced. I also shamelessly used this post as a chance to take some sweet photos of my freshly dyed hair. If you haven’t been paying attention, I’m rocking an orange, pink, and purple fade now, and the green is looooooooong gone. (I realize now that the green was a mistake. I promise to never do it again.) Here we go!


1 | Mini Tassel Drop Earrings

First up is a pair I found on SHEIN and are some really pretty green tassel earrings. You might have noticed me wearing them in my last What I Wore Post (which you can check out here). They were bigger than I expected but I love them! These also come in blush, yellow, and red. And the price? $3.00 Worth it.


2 | Spiral Teal Plugs

Second, we’ve got these puppies, fake teal gauges, created by the lovely JuneTiger. I absolutely love these. I’ve mentioned before that while I absolutely love the look of these spiral beauties, I enjoy wearing normal earrings as well, and probably will never actually stretch my earlobes. But I do love how they look on me, so fake gauge is the way to go for now. JuneTiger also makes a bunch of other great earrings (IN ALL THE COLORS!). These handmade teal spirals were only $15.00.

3 | The Dragon Tail

LOOK AT THESE! Aren’t they so cool!? These are the dragon tail (fake) gauge earrings made by RybaColnce. They come in some amazing other colors, and the price has gone down considerably from when I bought these, two years ago. For a handmade complex piece like this, $30.00 isn’t really that bad. RybaColnce also has some absolutely gorgeous tentacle, spiral, floral, and character designs (there’s even a broccoli and carrot set). So cute!


4 | Boho Stud Set

These are actually part of a larger set, but the elephant ones are my favorite. These were also found on SHEIN, and I got this six stud set for only $3.00! I wear all of them, and they haven’t discolored my ears like some cheap metals do. I love that it’s a little flair without being too flashy if I’m going for a little more of a muted look. You can class them up as well, since they are silver toned, and go great with just about any outfit.


5 |ย Green Fish Scale Stud Earrings

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I ended up doing a whole SHEIN jewelry haul. These mermaid scale studs are SO CUTE. They went really well with my green hair (when I bought them) but they still look great with the orange-pink-purple combo. I also bought them with my tail in mind. Yes, you heard me. My TAIL. (I promise to show you all my beautiful tail soon). These are also super cheap, at only $2.00. What a steal!

6 | Gold Leaf Earrings

These are a Walmart find, and while I don’t know the actual price (or have a link for online purchases) I do know that these were less than $7.00. I love these earrings. They are so classy! I’ve shown them off before during another What I Wore post (see it here) and they really can take any outfit and make it better.

Well! That’s it for my list. Hope you enjoyed some beautiful earrings and some beautiful me! I’d love to know where YOU find jewelry at great prices. I’m always looking to donate the old, and add the new!


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