What I Wore: A Romper!






Romper – Rue 21 (find it here)
Shoes – Thrifted
Earrings – Handmade
Hair – Faded out Arctic Fox layers in Sunset Orange, Electric Paradise, & Purple Rain
Smile – Born with it

I don’t wear rompers. Like ever. I’m right on the edge of regular and plus sizes right now, and I don’t always feel to great about my size or weight. I tried on this romper when we were down state at a mall (I KNOW, RIGHT?! CIVILIZATION!) and Chesh loved it. I was actually kind of surprised since we often disagree on my fashion choices. I decided to wait though, and ended up buying it online a couple weeks later when it was on sale.

I’m trying to work on wearing things a little outside my comfort zone and really feel more comfortable in my own skin. I really like the look and feel of this romper, though I’m sure some lovely baptist ladies would all agree that it shows of quite a bit of shoulder (as we all know, “Bare shoulders are the gateway to baby-making…”) and is pretty short in the leg area. But I don’t care. I feel really good in this outfit, and more importantly, I feel good in my own skin. I feel sexy yet sweet and carefree even when the reality is that I’ve been so tired and stressed lately.

These photos also turned out really nicely as well, and are the last photos I’ll be taking at my house in Michigan. If you didn’t know already, Chesh and I are moving back south very very soon. It’s scary, especially with the road wide open, and no definitive plan yet. All we know for sure is that by September 1st, we’ll have said goodbye to the Great White North.


P.S. I promise I’ll be updating the blog more with what our plans are next, but in the meantime, just know that Columbia, South Carolina is our next destination on the map, with a short trip to Atlanta, Georgia right after that. Thank you all for your support and love letters. I need as many as I can get right now.

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