What’s In My Ipsy Glam Bag? (August)


Alrighty, so I realize I’m a tad late in posting August’s bag, but with moving and everything, things have been pretty crazy. So forgive the lateness and bask in these cute products now! This Ipsy bag will be my 7th bag since starting my subscription. I’ve really loved this Ipsy subscription, and have (usually) been very excited about my picks. But since we are in the process of moving and aren’t sure where we’ll be for a while, I’ve decided to pause my subscription for the time being. Since I really enjoy getting the Ipsy bag, I’ll probably be picking it back up again in October. Now, without further ado or explanation, I give you my August Ipsy bag.


The Bag

This is a super cute canvas-esque material peach/orange and yellow bag. I say canvas-esque because the feel is a little rougher, but a really nice texture. The zipper has a little cute tassel on it, which I think is super cute. Medium to small in size, so it’s not to big or clunky. It would fit nicely in a purse or bag.


THEBALM COSMETICS, Foiled Again Eyeshadow

So, truth be told, I actually like the packaging more than the actual shadow. Dont’ get me wrong, the shadow is actually super nice: creamy and shimmery with a nice dusty lavender hue without being annoyingly purple. But the packaging is also super adorable. I love the comic book design and the lid that magnets shut (hooray!). This color is in “Locked Up” (which is pretty obvious by the artwork). Overall, this is one of the better pieces in the bag this month, and looks great especially with hazel or green eyes.
Valued at approx $2.83


PURLISSE BEAUTY, Watermelon Energizing Aqua Balm

Watermelon (as I recently learned) is actually super good for your skin, packed with vitamins A,C, and E. These vitamins help with hydration, brighten complexion, and regenerate skin cells. Sweet! (Pun intended). This balm also has aloe vera and cucumber to reduce inflammation and redness, and white tea extract to protect from damage.
Valued at approx $9


M·A·C, False Lashes Mascara in Extreme Black

So, the tube for this is incredibly small. I’m not really surprised though, since MAC is a pretty expensive brand, even with their travel sized products like this one. The texture is really nice though (mega creamy- a lot like mousse) and really makes your lashes POP! It also doesn’t flake off like some mascaras, and doesn’t smudge either. I’m someone who usually ends up touching my eyes throughout the day accidentally, so having a mascara that doesn’t leave me with raccoon eyes is a plus.
Valued $24 for full sized product


ADESSE NEW YORK, Gel Effect Nail Polish in Parasol

OOOOH YAS! So I’ve received the Adesse nail polish before in “Oh, Cabana Boy”, a dusty blue that I really love that I got in my May bag. I really love the Adesse brand because the formula for their nail polish is so smooth. Some polishes come out either too chunky or thick, or (on the opposite end of the spectrum) too thin. This stuff is so nice, and doesn’t really need more than one or two coats. Perf! Also the color is a super nice red-ish/orange color (like a dark coral) that comes out super nice on my toesies.
Valued at approx $18


HEY HONEY, Youth Boosting Honey & Copper Peel Off Mask

First of all, this stuff actually smells really good. Second, this mask leaves your face feeling SOOOOOO SOFT! The main ingredient, propolis, is a resin-like mixture that honey bees make. This stuff helps keep away acne, encourages cell growth, decongests pores, and heals damage. It’s been used throughout history (including by Cleopatra) as a beauty product, enhancing skin. Slather this stuff on, then leave it for 5-10 minutes (I would recommend while in the bath watching some ‘Reign’ on Netflix…), then peel off.
Valued at approx $9.80


As for the full value of this Ipsy bag, drummroll please! This bag has a value of about $45.63. For only paying $10 for the subscription, you definitely get more for what you pay for!

Thinking about joining Ipsy? Use this link to sign up today! Do you have a different beauty subscription? I’d love to know what your favorites are, or if you switched from using Ipsy to something else. Thanks guys!


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