Jam Jamboree | Purple Hair



New hair, ya’all! A couple months ago, I posted some photos on Instagram of all the hair colors I’ve had, and asked which had been everyone’s favorite. A lot of people liked the purple, which, surprise surprise, had been one of my favorites as well. Some colors I’ve enjoyed more than others (can we all agree that the lime green was a bad idea?), but purple has been on my list to do again for a while now, and I figured now was the time.

So I actually ended up using a new brand of dye for this color, Pulp Riot. They have two different purple colors, and I decided to go with ‘Jam’ for this one. It turned out a little more pink than I had planned, but we’ll try and see how it fades and how it interacts with the other purple that’s in my hair, which is Arctic Fox’s ‘Purple Rain’. The ‘Purple Rain’ is layered in on the roots and then blended down into the ‘Jam’.

Pulp Riot is actually a professional brand hair dye, so you can’t buy it on their website without having a cosmetology license. I did a little research though, and found out that you can get it for under $15 for a tube on Ebay. A little weird, but I’ve never purchased hair dye on Ebay, so that was a new one for me.

What do you think of the new Jam Jamboree (as I’m calling it) hair color? Would you ever color your hair purple? Let me know in the comments or send me a message!


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