Purple Hair for National Adoption Month

IMG_2656IMG_2650IMG_2653Did you guys know that November is National Adoption Month, and that November’s ribbon color is purple? While at work last week, a lady complemented my purple hair and gave me a purple ribbon, asking if I would wear it for National Adoption Month. I mentioned that my siblings were adopted, and that Chesh had adopted siblings as well and she got really excited and gave me a hug. She told me some of her story and how she had been adopted herself from a bad childhood situation.

I am so thankful for people like my mom and dad who wanted to expand our family through adoption. I absolutely adore my siblings and would have had such a lonely childhood without them to share it with. To those who adopt or are working with adoptive services, thank you for opening your hearts and homes to love children who aren’t yet your own. The circle of impact is so much bigger than you ever might know.

I might not always be wearing my purple ribbon, but I’ll be keeping my hair purple through the majority November, and waiting until December to change the color. Happy National Adoption Month, and thank you again to those who are expanding their families through adoption, whether in the States or overseas. I saw the process first hand, and it is not an easy one. Blood, sweat, tears, tons of paperwork and funds go into this long process, sometimes taking years to complete. Keep fighting the good fight.

Shirt – Thrifted detailed blouse
Overalls – Charlotte Russe (they don’t have these anymore, but they have a bunch on sale!)
Shoes – Gold flats
Earrings – Old Target
Lipstick – RealHer in Girl Power – Deep Mauve
Bag – Meijer



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