Yesterday I turned twenty-five years old! A whole quarter. If my age were pennies I could buy a gumball at the mall with how old I am. Like maybe a grape or blueberry gumball. Or sour apple! Yeah….sour apple.

This weekend I worked on my birthday cake, which has become a personal tradition. I try and make some fancy cake that I find on pinterest and attempt to out-do the previous year’s cake. Last year was a lemon and thyme cake, with strawberry buttercream. This year I ended up making a lemon, almond and raspberry cake (recipe to come soon) which was to die for! It took me all Saturday to make it, but it was worth it.

Chesh was such a sweetheart and brought me breakfast in bed and we watched The Umbrella Academy all snuggled up. Lunch was over at his parent’s house, where we had pasta, carrot cake, and opened some gifts. I loved going over there, especially since Chesh’s sister, Bekah, was there with her roommate, as well as Gaga, Chesh’s grandmother. In the evening we had some friends over and they surprised me with taking us to Red Robin for dinner, then came back to our place for cake.

Overall it was a really great birthday, and I had a really good time with friends and family. It was really nice to have something different spice up the weekend, and it was especially nice not having to work. I also ended up with quite a bouquet of balloons, and asked Chesh if he could take some pictures for me. Hence all the balloon pictures!

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