Project 333

I’ve always had a problem with clothes. Over-stuffed closets and too much laundry. I love clothes and fun outfits, but I’m not very good at keeping everything organized. I already circulate my closet every six months between Spring and Autumn. Even with cycling clothes in and out of my closet I still end up with too much stuff. Yet I still feel overwhelmed when choosing something to wear, and suck at keeping my floor free of dirty laundry.

And so, Project 333 – Reinhard Edition.

Project 333 is the “minimalist fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months.” The idea is that you stick with only 33 items and it can help you create nice outfits without all the “Oh I have nothing to wear” while you stand in a closet brimming and overstuffed with clothes.

Normally Project 333 lasts for 3 months, and your 33 items should also include shoes, jewelry, accessories, and jackets. But I’m not about that life. I gotta start small and work my way up to that. So instead, I’ll be doing 33 clothing articles for 30 days and seeing how that goes.

Another exception to the rule will also be if I need a piece of my *ahem* extended wardrobe for cosplay purposes. If you didn’t already know, I’ve been cosplaying a bit recently, and limiting myself to my 33 articles of clothing would be ridiculous cosplay. Normally the idea is that you pack up the rest of your vast wardrobe and deposit them in boxes and tape them up for the garage. Ideally, you could also use this time of sorting to weed out articles of clothing that you never wear and donate them to a thrift store or goodwill. Since I seem to shop almost exclusively at goodwill, donating back to them is a nice “circle of life” thing. It benefits the community, and it helps me clear out some flouncy floral blouses out of my house.

So here are my 33 items of clothing.

  • 3 dresses (church & casual)
  • 2 rompers
  • 3 outer layers (sweater, throw, and jean button up)
  • 3 pants (soccer pants and my two harem pants which are perfect for summer since the fabric is so coooool)
  • 6 shorts (two athletic, three jean, and one linen)
  • 8 tees (casual, crops, and sleevless)
  • 7 shirts (more blouses and a little nicer than the tees, and ones I’ll hang in the closet)
  • 1 swimsuit

So far, I’ve been doing the project for about a week now, and it’s been really nice. Less laundry, and fewer piles of clothes. It also means that when I actually DO my laundry, I have to do it all in one day. Normally, through the glory of procrastination, laundry days around the house usually end up lasting a couple days, and nothing gets folded right away. The new 33 item system has actually been great in the laundry regard, and things have gotten washed, dried, folded, and PUT AWAY all in the same afternoon. Isn’t that astounding?

I’ve also found that I’m more intentional about my outfits. Less baggy tshirts and more crop tops. Someone even complimented my look when we went to the theater the other day, to which I smoothly turned around and went “Who? ME?” Like I said. Smooth.

As I go I’ll keep you updated, and talk through some of the pros and cons (as I learn them) of Project 333 Reinhard Edition. If you have any suggestions, let me know, or if you’re interested in my outfits, I’ll be posting some on my instagram stories throughout the upcoming 30 days. Head over and check me out @hannarchyblog

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