Announcement: The Clergymen

YOU GUYS! I’m crazy excited to announce a thing! A THING, ladies and gentlemen, that I have been working on with some friends. Some of you may know that I’m a theater person. I love acting and drama, and sometimes when you’re an adult and you don’t have time to be in an actual theatrical presentation, you find yourself doing extra fun stuff on the side that makes your heart incredibly happy. And so may I present…

Throughout the past (lot) of months, I’ve been working on an audio drama as a voice actress for Leeched Talent. The Clergymen is an awesome story with some seriously crazy twists and turns, and I’m so insanely lucky to be part of the project!

A little more about the story and characters…

The Clergymen takes place in a 20th century fictional Europe. The audio drama follows five Clergymen who act kind of as “ghost hunters” for the church. First we have Ezra who is the leader of the group, acting as a prophet and spiritual guide. Next we have Silas, a detective father figure to support the group and offer advice. Then you have Herodias (voiced by yours truly!!) who is the “sacrificial lamb” of the group, used as a scapegoat whenever the group commits a sin for the greater good of the church. Elijah is the youngest member of the group, a pious and curious child who acts as healer and seems to have the best “connection” to God as his prayers seem to be answered quickly and literally. Last of the group is Alister who joined the order in the pursuit of taking his revenge against the villain, simply called the Undertaker.

Supporting The Clergymen and the creators

Right now the audio drama is all paid for out of pocket by the writer and producer, so all of the hard work has been done basically by two people. That includes writing the original script, any re-writes, coordinating and casting the voice actors, sitting down with each actor and recording multiple takes, audio and recording control, sound editing, folio, music, post production, and marketing! These guys are amazing, and the work they’ve gotten done just as the two of them has been insane. Every episode released takes TONS of work and man hours to be completed and posted, and so this month they are hosting a Kickstarter to raise money to keep The Clergymen in production.

Check out the Kickstarter page for The Clergymen here!

As a backer, you can donate as little as a dollar to go towards the $3,000 goal. You could also get some bonus fun stuff if you pledge, for example, pledging $20 gets you a gag reel of behind the scene takes with the voice actors (which I can personally promise you, is hilarious), or pledging $100 can get you an hour of sit-down-time with the brain behind the project, Noah Goshorn.

I’ve backed the project, so what’s next?

Ok so you’ve pledged to the project, you’ve shared this with everyone you know, and you’re excited about The Clergymen, so what’s next? WELL!! What if I told you that episodes are already out! They’re all on YouTube and you can go have a listen to them right now! Here’s what you have access to right now…

So go have a listen and let me know what you think! Don’t forget to share this post or the link to The Clergymen’s kickstarter to continue supporting this awesome project! Thanks guys!

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