New Hair | Grape and Cherry Soda Pop

New hair, my babes! Although is it really any surprise when I change up my colors? If you said yes, then you CLEARLY haven’t been paying attention…

In my grand attempt to come up with some new names for this hair, I realized just how much it looked like grape and cherry soda. Which I thought was freaking adorable. And (of course) since I have to name every hair color I’ve had, this one needed something to match just how “vintage pin up” I felt when I took these photos.


So for a while, all I used were Arctic Fox Hair Dye colors, which suited me quite well and didn’t break the bank. But I’m constantly trying to expand my hair dye horizons, so I’ve dabbled a bit in Pravana. Now, one thing about Pravana is that they’re professional hair dye which means you can’t just mosey on down to your neighborhood Sally’s and find it. You have to either get it through a profesh seller, or (like me) just get it off of Amazon.

So this puppy is a combo of three Pravana dyes: Purple, Red, and Orange. If you were following along on my insta stories, you may know about the Red Dye Disaster of 2020. The bottle of red that I had ordered arrived popped, and (unbeknownst to me) had leaked all over the inside of its packaging. Happy to finally have my dye, I tipped out the box and was greeted with big ‘ole glops of red hair dye that got all over me, my clothes, and my carpet. Sigh.

Most of the clothes were fixable (flannel, an old sweatshirt, and a towel), but two of my shirts got so damaged that one I threw away, and the other I can only wear with a jacket covering the spattered red back. Double sigh.

I did figure out that nail polish remover does WONDERS on carpet though, and you can’t even tell the blood stain… er… I mean DYE STAIN was there at all.

So after re-ordering new red dye, I did a little Hannarchy magic and VOILA!

As you can see, we have a lovely grape/purple root that melds down into a fuchia/red mid that then sinks into a little bit of dark cherry/orange ends. I did this by mixing a bit of red and purple together for the roots, with about a 1:3 ratio with white conditioner. Then straight red (with a teeny tiny pinch of purple and orange) with a 1:2 ratio of conditioner. Then lastly, the orange diluted with 1:2 ratio of conditioner.

I am INSANELY happy with the results, and I promise(!) that once I find even a moment to take pictures that aren’t selfies, I’ll do a whole look + outfit + accessories for you.

I will say that the earrings I’m wearing here are absolutely from Walmart (no shame) and just might be my new favorite pair. A little fancy, but I love them.

Well that’s all for now, I have to get back to my day job. But I love you all, and am SUPER MEGA ULTRA excited to share a project with you guys next week! Keep your little eyeballs peeled because it’s going to be a doozy!

Oh and PS… Thoughts on the Grape and Cherry Soda Pop?? Do I need a different name? Tell me what you think!

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