Dollar Shave Club – In Review

So I finally did it. I caved, and decided to try out the Dollar Shave Club and see what all the fuss was about. A couple years late, I know, to be hopping on the Dollar Shave Club band-wagon, but since my legs were starting to look like something resembling dryer lint, something needed to be done.

So I hopped on their website, which if you were unaware like I was, has grown past shaving and into hair and skin care, and looked at their kits.

First is the “Best Shave EVER” trial kit. You know, it’s the one you see in ads all the time. It’s got the razor, the additional blades, prep scrub, shave butter, and post shave dew. This was what I had come to find, order, try, and review. A grand total of $5 for the trial box, and ready to ship within the week. But then my eyes shifted, and I caught sight of something else: the “Best Shower EVER” trial kit. It came with body cleanser, daily facial cleanser, and the hair and scalp shampoo. All varying scents in perfect little trial bottles. Also $5. So I said what the heck and added it to my order.

I think somewhere along the way, my order got lost because it came a tad later than they said it would, but I wasn’t in a hurry, so I didn’t care all that much. When it did arrive, everything came in a nice little box, and since I love mail of any sort (let’s be honest, I still get excited about junk mail…) I opened it up right away and tried out the shower stuff immediately. The shaving I wanted to save until I had a nice bath to trully “pamper” myself. (Why does shaving my legs count as pampering? Because normally I don’t want to waste time, energy, and balancing power on a part of my body I rarely look at, so when it DOES happen, it’s a special occasion and should include a bath bomb, a glass of wine, and a good book.) And now that I’ve had the time to try everything out (a couple times now), I’m ready to give you my review. So let’s get down to business.

As a reminder: my star scale goes a little like this:
1 Star: Absolutely NOT! Hate hate hate LOATHE!
2 Stars: Not a fan. Don’t recommend.
3 Stars: This is fine. Not amazing, but not terrible. All in all, meh.
4 Stars: This is good! I like it quite a lot!
5 Stars: This is life changing! The best (insert product here) that I’ve ever tried! My life will never be the same!

First thing I do when I get in the shower is suds up on the shampoo, in this case, the Sage and Black Pepper Hair and Scalp Shampoo. This stuff smells peppery and zesty, sothing and a little tingly on the scalp (just the way I like it), and a little blob goes a long way. Nice and sudsy, good lather, my hair feels nice a clean without feeling stripped and squeaky. Four stars.

Next is conditioner. Since I cut my hair short and since the kit didn’t come with any, I’ve been skipping this step because I really don’t need it. Dollar Shave Club does offer a matching conditioner to the shampoo, but it doesn’t come with the kit, so if you want it, you better buy it as an add-on.

Now it’s time to suds up with my handy dandy loofa and the Amber and Lavender Body Cleanser. This stuff smells amazing! Very earthy and natural without feeling so girly and full of perfume that it gives me a headache. Just like the shampoo, a little goes a long way and suds very nicely. Nothing world changing, but smells great and my skin doesn’t feel itchy or dry afterwards. Four stars.

Finally comes the Citrus and Hawaiian Ginger Daily Face Cleanser. Since it’s for daily use, it doesn’t strip your pores too much, and leaves my face feeling hydrated and not dried out. Hooray! But the smell is a little off, I think because of the ginger. It’s just enough that when the suds are under my nose all over my face, I’m not really a fan. I would give the cleansing power a four stars, but give the scent a two or three stars.

Next up, the shave!

After my nice soothing bath, I was ready to shave my wookkie legs and after a little research to make sure I was going in the right order, began with the Prep Scrub. Grainy, like a sugar or coffee scrub, meant to lift up dead skin and soften the area you’re going to shave. Very nice, though I awkwardly did this while on my back with my legs up on the wall. Not the smartest choice from me. But whatever. After I rinse it off, my legs feel smooth and soft, kind of like a light soothing film is coating the hairs. Four stars.

Next up, the one we’ve all been waiting for, the famous Shave Butter. This stuff is smoooooooooooth. Buttery. Soft. Makes my legs feel like I just smothered them in cloud. And when I finally try out the razor, it just glides up my leg and takes the hair with it. It’s lovely and my legs feel freaking amazing. Five stars.

After I rinse off and hop out of the bath, it’s time for the Post Shave Dew. Again, so smooth and soothing. Rub it all over your legs or wherevryou just shaved to keep ingrown hairs away and keep your legs feeling smooth and buttery all day. In the past I’ve used lotion after shaving and I don’t like it because it makes my legs feel greasy and slimy and makes my pores feel clogged. This stuff? This stuff is the bomb. Five stars.

Ok, so here are my final thoughts:

All their stuff is great. Is it life changing? Maybe. Depends on what you’ve been using in the shower for the past year. If anything, this kit is great for giving you good quality products that aren’t over priced, smell amazing (sans the citrus ginger) and are nurishing for your skin. If you aren’t using anything as a daily cleanser, then you should be. If you aren’t using a good shaving butter or post shave moisturizer, then you should be. Heaven forbid you keep using that awful disposable razor that’s got rust on the blades, and your generic bar of soap on your skin. Shiver. If you don’t have anything like the products I’ve mentioned above, then this box is for you. You’ll see a difference, and your skin will thank you.

And if you already do have products like these that you’re using? Then you can probably stick with it. As long as you’re moisturizing your skin well, taking care of yourself, and not using a rusty old razor, then I think you’re fine. You can always try the Dollar Shave Club yourself and up your game. If you do get anything off this list, I’d recommend the post shave dew and the shave butter.

Happy shaving, my friends.

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