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Hello all! Welcome to Hannarchy, my lifestyle, food, fashion, DIY, design, book, travel, short story, product review, and very real life blog.

What is Hannarchy?

You want to know the truth? As a kid, I had always thought Hannah was a crappy name. The only nickname you could make from it was Hannah-Banana, and I’ve never really been a fan. Finding a fun wordplay with my name has always been a challenge. I kind of stumbled onto Hannarchy when trying to name my blog. It seemed to suit me well. I try to be a rebel in my own way and follow where my heart’s headed, rather than the crowd. That doesn’t mean I always succeed, but I’m putting forth an effort at least. In my mind, that’s a step in the right direction.

Who are you?

I’m Hannah! I’m the creator, writer, designer, photographer, editor, publisher, and marketer behind the blog. I’ve always loved to write, and always loved designing things. In high school I started my own magazine, posting issues online and promoting through my youth group. After getting to college, I stopped writing for a while, and my sanity took a toll for that. Writing has always been my escape, my haven to get out of my own head. Having a blog seemed like the perfect combination of those things.

You’ll hear me mention “Chesh” or “Cheshire” every once in a while, and that’s a nickname I call my husband. We’ve been married for three years, and every step of our relationship has been such a journey. He is my adventure buddy and my main squeeze, my honey-bunches-of-oats and my little spanakopita.


Who designed your logo?

I am so incredibly excited to announce my new logo! The artwork is done by the incredibly talented Elisa Rio, who knocked it out of the park with this look-alike! She was fantastic to work with, went step by step through the process with me, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! Check her out through her instagram: @elisario_

Why should I read your blog?

You shouldn’t. At least for not any reason I can give you. I’m just here to talk about stuff. Life mostly. And me. Writing helps me process through things. Maybe my written outbursts can help you too. If not, then that’s ok. Read my blog because it interests you and not because I’m begging or hoping you’ll like me. Ok that’s a lie. I AM hoping you’ll like me.

I write about my recipes. My favorite outfits. Amazon and back-alley store finds. I write about design and art and cosplay. I write short stories. Married life and the things I’ve learned. I write about pain and hard subjects. Lighthearted and easy subjects. I review beauty products. I laugh at myself a lot, and try my best to be real. The internet is so full of hateful comments and hurting people, fakey “Pinterest Perfect” photos, and yet with all that vast information and connection, there is so much solitary, isolated, and lonely people. This should not be.

In the act of sharing my life, I hope to connect. Reconcile what internet mediums seem to constantly break. So this is me. This is Hannarchy.