Just Turn It Off

The Alamo Draft House has a policy about cell phones in their theater. If you don’t keep your phone dark, silent, and out of sight, you get the boot. I love this rule. No one talking, no one on their phones, just the vague sounds of munching and occasional gasps. The Alamo Draft House is my favorite. Continue reading “Just Turn It Off”

15 Unique Amazon Mugs

I’m very much of a potato of a person. I greatly enjoy flumping onto the couch/bed/floor with my laptop and binging. Usually Doctor Who. Sometimes I binge scroll. Amazon and Pinterest mostly. I used to think this was just being lazy, but I’ve come to learn that that isn’t laziness! It’s self preservation! Everyone needs to flump at least once a day. It’s healthy.

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Self Harm, Depression, and Monsters Under the Bed

WARNING: This post is real. It talks about real things and real struggles and real pain. If you know that it’ll be too much for you, skip this post for now.

I first noticed it in high school. That empty nothing that made my chest feel hollowed out and my brain like a cavernous echo chamber. I remember thinking, “Huh. That’s weird. I don’t feel anything.”

There wasn’t sadness or loneliness or pain. Just nothing. Vast, empty, nothing. Continue reading “Self Harm, Depression, and Monsters Under the Bed”