What I Wore: Autumn Academia

If you’ve been following along on my instagram you’ll know that a couple months ago I started doing a “Get Ready With Me” reel every Monday. It encourages me to start off my week well with a cute outfit, and to be more intentional about what’s in my wardrobe. This week I did a special edition of GRWM and wore an outfit that I made … Continue reading What I Wore: Autumn Academia

Project 333

I’ve always had a problem with clothes. Over-stuffed closets and too much laundry. I love clothes and fun outfits, but I’m not very good at keeping everything organized. I already circulate my closet every six months between Spring and Autumn. Even with cycling clothes in and out of my closet I still end up with too much stuff. Yet I still feel overwhelmed when choosing something to wear, and suck at keeping my floor free of dirty laundry.

And so, Project 333 – Reinhard Edition.

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