The Life of the Ren Faire

Last November, Cheshire and I went to our first Renaissance Faire with our friends, Reese and Lydia. It was only until this last week that I remembered the hundred of photos I’d taken, and more importantly, that I hadn’t shared any yet. And so if you will, allow me to rectify the situation.

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A New Cosplay Mashup!

Hey guys! So I’m super crazy excited to announce that I’m working on a little cosplay mashup! If you were paying attention around Halloween, you may have noticed that I did a little genderbend cosplay as Hades from Disney’s “Hercules”. I cannot believe how well it turned out, or the amount of compliments I got on the look. It made me quickly realize how much I loved cosplay and that I wanted to do it more often, not just for Halloween.

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