The Reinhard Chronicles: The Marley House

WOOOOOO!!! New house ladies and gentlemen!!! After living at the apartment for almost two years, Allan and I decided it was time for a change. We really needed more space for all the things we have, and with Miracle getting older, I really wanted her to have a fenced in backyard where she could just chill. We also host a lot, and wanted to have … Continue reading The Reinhard Chronicles: The Marley House

A Pinterest Perfect House

Ok, it’s about to get real honest up in here for a second, so buckle your seatbelts and hang on for dear life. Today, I’m talking about the dreaded, green eyed jealousy monster, the perfectly framed, the ever clean, the just-enough-throw-pillows-to-look-like-a-cloud, the Pinterest Perfect House.  Continue reading “A Pinterest Perfect House”

Short Story: 305 Lamplighter Lane

I’ve never thought myself to be a particularly unusual child. The same things every normal child loved, I loved. The same things every normal child feared, I feared. The toys at my house were just as good as anyone else’s, and the ghost’s under my bed just as imaginary. Though there is one place, to this day, I have loved with not a quite full understanding. It’s as if my brain shut down the moment we sold her house, and remained that of a child’s; lost to the reality, and ever alive to the stories that were woven between those walls. Continue reading “Short Story: 305 Lamplighter Lane”

The Reinhard Chronicles: Just a House

I think in some strange way, a couple’s first house together is a scup of tea leaves in the telling of their future together. Somehow, that first apartment, house, or tent, is a testament to who they are and how their relationship will be. As per usual, the extent of my knowledge is purely based on my own personal experiences, thoughts, assumptions, and expectations. Having … Continue reading The Reinhard Chronicles: Just a House