What I Wore: Autumn Academia

If you’ve been following along on my instagram you’ll know that a couple months ago I started doing a “Get Ready With Me” reel every Monday. It encourages me to start off my week well with a cute outfit, and to be more intentional about what’s in my wardrobe. This week I did a special edition of GRWM and wore an outfit that I made … Continue reading What I Wore: Autumn Academia

My 6 Favorite Earrings

So usually around this time I do a Finds & Faves where I share some of my favorite finds of the internet. It’s a collection of bits and bobs that I find crazy cool and cheap-ish prices (we all know how broke we are, and it’s no fun when people push expensive products. “$12.00 for shipping?? I guess I didn’t really need that shirt…”). Today I’m sharing 6 sets of earrings that are my absolute favorite, and for the most part, are incredibly low priced. I also shamelessly used this post as a chance to take some sweet photos of my freshly dyed hair. If you haven’t been paying attention, I’m rocking an orange, pink, and purple fade now, and the green is looooooooong gone. (I realize now that the green was a mistake. I promise to never do it again.) Here we go! Continue reading “My 6 Favorite Earrings”