The Reinhard Chronicles: My Birthday Week

Last week, Chesh and I took off work and my parents drove all the way from Atlanta, Georgia to the Upper Peninsula for my birthday. Luke and Lydia were out of school, and it seemed like the perfect time for them to come up and see us. Continue reading “The Reinhard Chronicles: My Birthday Week”

The Reinhard Chronicles: Life Lessons from the UP

The doors were frozen. Actually frozen shut. Who knew that -14 weather could freeze all your car doors in place? We certainly didn’t. Welcome to the Upper Peninsula.

Now, let me be clear: Just because I’m from Georgia and went to college in South Carolina does not make me a southerner. And contrary to popular belief, I will not sulk my way through a northern winter because it “too cold outside to function.” BUT. I do think that when your doors freeze close, and your nose hairs freeze together the second you step outside, that maybe it’s time to move south. Continue reading “The Reinhard Chronicles: Life Lessons from the UP”