What’s in my Ipsy Glam Bag? (June)

Time for more Ipsy products! You’re going to have to excuse the quality of these photos, I was in a rush and trying out a new background I made. After spending way too much time trying to edit these photos into something functional, I’ve decided that spray paint is not something I’m good at…


I should start out by saying that this is the first time I’ve been disappointing with my Ipsy bag. The colors were all off and didn’t match my complexion very well. Usually I’m crazy satisfied with what I get each month, but somehow the ball just got dropped…But let’s jump into some detail and I’ll show you what I got.


The Bag

This month, Ipsy sent out three different colored bags: red, yellow or blue. I got the red one, which has three vertical strives in red, dark pink, and light pink. The little zipper has a heart on it which is pretty cute, although it makes the bag look more valentine-esque. I really do love this bag though, it’s so colorful and I love the different colors.


LUXIE BEAUTY, 245 Small Shader Brush

Another luxie brush!! Yes! I got a two sided one before, and use it almost daily. This one is great for packing in the color. Works excellently well with the Steve Laurant eyeshadow I got, or any other bold shadow colors. Super great for applying loose shadow or a bold color to pop your look.
Valued at $12


DOUCCE, Luscious Lip Stain in Passion Peach

Holy wow. Ok, you guys. So this lip stain is amazing. Just….in the wrong color. I look like a clown in this color, especially since my hair is green. This is literally the best lip stain I’ve ever tried and I can’t even begin to explain how bummed I am that I got it in orange (even thought in the picture it looks like a gorgeous pink). Either way, the consistency is great but just the wrong color. Such a bummer.
Valued at $6



This is easily my favorite of this month’s bag. This lip balm is creamy and smells amazing. The packaging is super great too, white with mint polk-a-dots on it. It lasts a really long time, which is the BEST and keeps my lips hydrated all day compared to other lip balms. It’s made with chia seed and coconut oil.
Valued at $3.95


STEVE LAURANT BEAUTY, Eyeshadow in Green Apple

I’m not going to lie, when I opened this and saw it was the green apple color, I was mega disappointed. Even though my hair is green at the moment, and it matches perfectly, I was really hoping for the blueberry or sea green. I always feel weird about wearing green eyeshadow, but maybe that’s something I need to just get better at. The eyeshadow itself is baked, which means it’s highly pigmented and is great wet or dry.
Valued at $16


FORMULA 10.0.6, Three Times Sublime

So this is actually a 3 in 1 Blackhead Wash + Scrub + Mask. It’s made with Pink Grapefruit and Jojoba. This scrub smells soooooo good and feels really nice on my face. It doesn’t have a lot of grit, and would be great for people with finer skin. I usually like my scrubs a bit more gritty because I like something that will really clean out my pores well.
Valued at $6.99

As for the full value of this month’s bag, drummroll please! This bag has a value of about $44.94. For only paying $10 for the subscription, you definitely get more for what you pay for! This month’s total is a lot less than previous months, which makes me wonder if that has to do with how much I disliked this Ipsy bag. Overall, the bag itself was cute, I loved the lip balm, I’ll never say no to makeup brushes, and the face cream was okay as well. I’m hoping that next month will be even better.

Thinking about joining Ipsy? Use this link to sign up today! Absolutely and totally worth it! Do you already have a subscription to Ipsy? Let me know what you got in YOUR April bag!


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