The Reinhard Chronicles: Next Steps

Oh my goodness.

August has been a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows that have kept me stressed-out and exhausted. My work laptop decided to quit on me, which also meant no blog posts or photo editing or graphic design. I was temporarily relocated to the kitchen for a week and din’t step one foot near a computer for that week. I lost my bullet journal for a little bit in there too, so I felt even more disorganized. On top of all of this, on top of all my looming depression and my impending loss of sanity, there was something else this month that topped all the other stressful things in my life.

We are moving!


We have been planning for a long time to leave Cedar Campus and have been working towards our options for the past couple of months. It hasn’t all been daisies and roses while looking for our next stepping stones, and most of our journey this summer has been one of disappointment. One option after another has presented itself as an amazing opportunity, and one after another our amazing opportunistic have been denied. Chesh even flew to Georgia for an interview that later fell through. Regardless of our closed doors, we’ve decided (and notified our landlord) that we’ll be moving out of our house in the Great White North Friday, August 31st.

Even as I write this, I don’t know how things will turn out. I’ve been so tired lately, mostly because of all the waiting we’ve been doing. I dislike having my fate in someone else’s hands. Although, I suppose, don’t all Christian’s live like that? Their fates resting in God’s hands, trying not to feel guilty for wanting control? Or maybe that’s just how I’ve felt that past couple of months. I hate not knowing where we’ll be, or if we’ll have enough money to get there. We’ve been living in this perpetual state of floundering.


We do have a plan. A scraggly, lost puppy, sort of plan, but a plan nonetheless. We’ll be moving to Columbia, South Carolina. Do we know exactly what we’ll be doing or where we’ll be living? Of course not. But amidst our budget calculations and spreadsheets of apartments to rent, we’re excited about the chance to be living close to our friends again. That, and the perspective notion that Olive Garden will be only 10 minutes away makes my little heart oh so happy.

We’ve packed our U-Haul and will be spending our last night in Michigan camping (as long as it doesn’t storm). It’ll take us two days to drive to Columbia, where we’ll drop off all our stuff in a storage container, and then head to Atlanta to visit my family for a couple days. I’m really excited, you guys! Not just for having civilization around me once again, but just getting up and going somewhere! I’m used to moving every 10 months, and it feels weird to have stayed in Cedar Campus even this long. I’m ready to go!

Thank you so much to the many of you who have been praying for us and for different opportunities. In a time of stress, sometimes it’s hard to have faith that things will work out. There have been times this past month when the faith of others has carried me. I’m also incredibly thankful for the friendships of Camp crew and especially the full time staff that got us through the long winter. I will miss them terribly. Callie has been my best friend, wine tasting and dying hair and watching movies, talking and laughing into the dark night. I will miss you most.


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